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Our President

Olivia Clayton

My name is Olivia or 'Liv' for short, I was raised in Jekyll Island Georgia but currently reside in Los Angeles with my partner, Alyssa and our daughter Elizabeth or 'Liz' A fun fact about me is I got to meet President Obama and Queen Elizabeth in the same year. I speak 5 different languages and my partner Alyssa is from the Dominican Republic. 

This is my first year as being president of the Colorado Recreation Company but not my first year being with the CRC. My employment with the Colorado Recreation Company began in 2007 as an Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors at the time. The most recent position I had was Vice-President to the Company which I started in February of 2022. 

I look forward to being the new face and representative of the company, our employees, and our customers but I find it more important as a senior employee with the company, to Create Lasting Memories for the people around us and our company. 


Olivia Clayton


+1 805-285-3510