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Olivia Clayton

Olivia Clayton is currently the president of Colorado Recreation and pursuing a bachelor's in Biology. She was born in December of 1994 in Jekyll Island, Georgia with her brother Evan. Olivia moved to California with her family at the age of 7 because of her parents' divorce. She attended Loyola High School from 2006 to 2010 and graduated. During high school, her employment with the Colorado Recreation Company with the position of an Executive Assistant where she served as a clerk for the Board of Directors. Olivia attended the University of California for a business administration degree and a masters in social work. 4 years later, she was promoted to the Customer Service Manager overseeing customer service operations. Olivia was finally promoted to the position of District Manager in 2018 where her primary focus shifted to trying to maintain positive relations with the employees and the administration of the company while attempting to raise cleaning and courtesy standards to improve the overall image of the company and reach out to potential customers. After working as a district manager for 2 years, Olivia parted ways with the company in September of 2020 due to family medical problems. in January of 2022, Olivia started to seek employment again after all seemed well and she was offered the 'Vice President' position at the Colorado Recreation Company in which she was hesitant to accept but eventually did in February. While Olivia served as the vice president, she swiftly became involved in board meetings, executive decisions, customer relations, and audits. In January of 2023, she was hired to be the new President which oversees the entire company but closer at the finance department and the company's employment practices. 


Olivia Clayton


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