Social Media Policy

No employee shall access, create, transmit, retransmit or forward material or information:

● that promotes violence or advocates destruction of property including, but not limited to, access to information concerning the manufacturing or purchasing of destructive devices or weapons

● ·that is not related to company objectives

● that contains pornographic, obscene or other sexually oriented materials, either as pictures or writings, that are intended to stimulate erotic feelings or appeal to prurient interests in nudity, sex or excretion

● that harasses, threatens, demeans, or promotes violence or hatred against another person or group of persons in violation of the company’s nondiscrimination policies

● for personal profit, financial gain, advertising, commercial transaction or political purposes

● that plagiarizes the work of another without express consent

● that uses inappropriate or profane language likely to be offensive to others in the work community

● that is knowingly false or could be construed as intending to purposely damage another person's reputation

● in violation of any federal or state law or company policy, including but not limited to copyrighted material and material protected by trade secret

● that contains personal information about themselves or others, including information protected by confidentiality laws

● using another individual's Internet or electronic communications account without written permission from that individual

● that impersonates another or transmits through an anonymous remailer

● that accesses fee services without specific permission from the system administrator

Social Media Administrator

Colorado Recreation Company

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